ICDE is a membership organization that works towards the achievement of online education for all. We offer a worldwide network of online educators, policymakers, and innovators that collaborate with each other on projects and initiatives, sharing best practices and industry knowledge. The ICDE network also facilitates intercultural cooperation at our various conferences, summits, and events.

As an ICDE member, you gain access to:

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ICDE is a diverse community of individual and institutions engaged in the field of education. We welcome applications from:

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All individuals engaged in online, open, and flexible education are welcome to register for individual membership.

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Colleges and universities

An institution that provides higher, postsecondary or tertiary education. Departments and research centers within colleges and universities are also welcome to apply for membership.

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Educational networks

A consortium of members that work toward the promotion and/or implementation of educational initiatives.


Governmental organizations

A government or state agency that works toward the promotion and/or implementation of educational initiatives.

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All graduate students currently enrolled in a graduate program, such as a master’s or PhD, are eligible for free student membership.

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A business, startup, or for-profit organization that works toward the promotion and/or implementation of educational initiatives.


A nonprofit corporation whose goal is to offer grants to unrelated organizations, institutions, or individuals for educational purposes.

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Nongovernmental organizations

A mission-focused organization with no government ties that promotes education and works toward effecting change in the field of education.

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A member-based organization that advocates for common educational goals.

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Secondary schools

An institution that provides secondary education, such as a high school or professional training academy.